Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Ice Cream!


We had a fairly last-minute BBQ with some friends last night. I broke down and bought some Safeway Select Mocha Cheesecake ice cream! Yum!!! I could not wait for dinner to be over so we could get to the ice cream! Sadly, I hadn’t noticed at the store that the lid was unsealed and the carton had been opened…sadness!

What is this tragic tale of woe doing in my happy blog, you ask?? Well….page 139 of The Happy Book asks: What are your favorite ice cream flavors? You’re supposed to list them all and then invite your friends over for an ice cream party and try every flavor. Maybe I’ll try that someday! Who’s in?

For now though…here’s my list. Short, but sweet (pun totally intended…):

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Strawberry Cheesecake
New York Superfudge Chunk
Green Tea
Hazelnut Gelato
Lemon Sorbet




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  1. I’m in on the ice cream tasting party! 🙂 My favorite ice cream is cinnamon. I used to love to get it at Maggie Moos in Nashville. 🙂 Your flavors look great too though. I am pretty much a lover of all things ice cream and am “happy” to talk about it! 🙂


  2. Rich, creamy butter pecan is my “go to” flavor. Another favorite is pumpkin ice cream. I first ate it at an ice cream shop in downtown Charleston when I was in college. I grew up in a “vanilla, chocolate or strawberry” family so pumpkin ice cream was very exotic!


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