“Maybe those sorts of yes-or-no life-and-death decisions are easier to make because they are so black and white. I can cope with them because it’s easier. Human emotions, well. . .they’re just a fathomless collection of grays and I don’t do so well on the midtones.”
Jasper Fforde (The Eyre Affair)

It’s a bit of a downer – and doesn’t quite fit me – but I like it none-the-less. I’m pretty good with emotions but do think I tend to do best with black and white decisions.

I love, love, love, love, love Jasper Fforde books! The Thursday Next series is pretty fun. You do have to have a solid appreciation of British humor though. It’s so goofy and appropriate for quirky people who like reading serious books but sometimes have to let their inner goofball out. And…I think there is a new book in the series. Oh joy!!

Who are some of the authors whose books make you giggle?

One of my favorite quotes!


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  1. I actually haven’t read any of her books. I’m looking for some new stuff…have been reading mostly scifi for -oh – about a decade now. Well…OK, the occasional Jasper Fforde here and there… I’ll check her out as soon as I’m finished with my most recent library book haul!


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