To the silly people that got me hooked on Pinterest…


You know who you are :). Just so you know…I am dreaming about Pinterest now! All night in my dreams I’m searching the internet and pinning things. I am not joking. I’m prone to mundane, realistic dreams. As in…Huh, I thought I bought cereal at the store. I remember putting it in my cart…oh…that’s right. I was dreaming about the store. Or…horrific, bloody nightmares. We won’t talk about those though. The funny thing about the Pinterest dreams is that when I wake up I can’t remember what I’ve pinned or what my boards are. I just know my boards are spectacular! Pinterest is a time-suck, but has already come in handy a few times. I found a piccy of a haircut yesterday and finally went to the salon. Those of you that see me on a regular basis will see a “new” Heather soon! My husband and I also commute to work together many days. I think the fact that his dad was (literally) a professional race car driver rubbed off a little. The commute could go two ways – me yelling, “Look out! Brakes, Brakes, Brakes!” Which does not a happy commute make. Or…me…totally absorbed in Pinterest and pinning things until we get to work. I like option B…makes everyone happy! (I should say that he really is a great driver and obeys the laws, speed limit, etc. I just happen to drive like a granny.)

So…in honor if Pinterest…here are just a couple of pictures of things in my iPhoto library that make me happy. You’ll need to go to Pinterest to see the rest…just look for Heatherlu.

Ummm…haha. Just kidding…I’l update the pictures later. I forgot I’m not on the computer that has my pictures. I could just not post…but, well…I want to post something before I forget. I’ll update with pictures later.20110717-035559.jpg20110717-035643.jpg20110717-035744.jpg


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