Why yes, our SUV has been off-road :)


This past week was a little rough – and the next one may be as well. If you know why..you know…if you don’t…no need to worry about it! In a bid to try and cheer me up, my lovely husband decided to take me on a drive through the mountains. We went along  HWY 285 to Fairplay, past Old South Park City and the stopped at Kenosha pass to see the wildflowers before adventuring on the 4WD trail. It was lovely! (It didn’t get him out of having to do housework though.) And yes, we did take the ‘ole Xterra 4WD off-road a time or two. Although, I must admit, due to a map reading error (on both of our parts) we ended up on a much tougher 4WD trail than anticipated. Inspired by the day, and following along with another Happy Book activity (being a tourist for a day), I recorded what I saw and what I ate.

What I saw:

Lots of places to buy jerky

Dueling Beef Jerky Shacks on HWY 285

Lots and lots of trees

Walking the Colorado Trail, part 1

My husband and his camera researching landscape painting venues

Taking a breather

A cool fence post

Shot of a fence post using a Hipstimatic filter

The fence, again

Private Property/Public Land

Miles and miles of road

Are we there yet?

An old mining building barely holding together

A look into the past

And, finally… More gorgeous landscapes than I thought possible

The end of the road...really...a "patch" of snow blocked the way forward

The list of what I had to eat isn’t so exciting. Here it is anyway:

Scrambled eggs with onions



beef jerky (of course!)

cheese enchilada

bean tostada

a small sample-sized box of Cheerios that arrived with the morning newspaper

water, water, water, water, water – we were over 10,000 in elevation

Hot dog

frozen corn

(Hey…I never said I ate healthy!)

That’s all for today, folks. Let life be an adventure and enjoy every minute!


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