Monthly Archives: August 2011

Happy Morning


I’m back!


Wow…it seems like it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I’ve been out and about…a traveling gal. I spent the last week with my brother and sister-in-law logging some family time. I’m keeping this short today ’cause I’ve got tons to do to get unpacked and ready for work tomorrow. Aside from the obvious – seeing my family – what really made me happy was the fact Dave had the house clean and groceries in the fridge when I got home! Yippee!!! That…and we went to see Captain America and there are some baby bunny rabbits in our backyard. So…no pictures today, but I’m working on a new project from The Happy book so should have a much more exciting post later in the week.

Tea Makes Me Happy


I write about food a lot…probably because I think about food a lot! There is just something completely relaxing to me about chopping vegetables, baking a cake or nursing a roast all afternoon in the oven. Brewing a cup of tea is especially calming. Sometimes I don’t even drink the tea, but am soothed by the routine- finding the right mug, picking the tea leaves to match my mood, breathing in the perfumed steam, accidentally flinging the wet, gloppy leaves across the room tying to get them out of the silly clamp tea ball thingy. It’s all part of the routine.

Tea and memories and friendships go together for me. Drinking a cup of spicy, peppery chai takes me back to grad school. I can still see my friends and I strolling through the lounge, mugs in hand, on our way to one “apartment” or the other for tea and cheesecake. My stomach muscles ache remembering how we oftentimes ended up laughing until we cried. And yes, I still:

  1. giggle when I hear people ordering chai tea and can probably be heard muttering, “they just asked for tea tea”
  2. let my tea cool down to room temperature before I drink it
  3. never, ever, ever order the chai from Starbucks. It tastes like pumpkin pie filling.
The tradition stuck, I guess. Different friends, different tea (Good Earth), but the idea is still the same. Good friends, good tea, good talk, and good laughs. I’m known to dart barefoot across the lawn to my neighbors house many an evening to share a pot of tea after a long, long day.
I guess when everything else in the world seems like it is in utter chaos, it’s just good to know that in 3-5 (or 10 – depending on the blend) minutes the tea will be perfect.
Have a good week everyone!
P.S. My all-time favorite tea is Lady Grey – black tea with the scent of bergamot, lemon and orange peel. Preferably served with milk and sugar. Yum! It makes me feel grown up. The best local place to indulge your tea obsession – English Tealeaves. Amazing selection of tea and teapots.