Snow Day



Snow day…one of the perks of working at a college, right? Those words should be followed by “Yippee” and “Wahoo!”. Thing is, though, I know it can take me at least 1.5 hours to get to work…maybe 2…when it snows so I have to get up at the crack of dawn just in case I have to go in. By the time the 6:00am announcement is made I need to be ready to be out the door and on my way if classes start at 8:00. So, by 6:00 am today I had already eaten breakfast, fixed my coffee and mentally prepared myself for a grueling commute followed by a long day and topped off with another miserable drive. I want to be feeling like this:


but can’t get back to sleep! I’m sure that about the time I’m able to relax I’ll have go start getting ready again just in case afternoon classes are in session :0!

At least it’s pretty….and it’s awesome to live in a neighborhood where the neighbor with the snowblower clears our sidewalks and kids go sledding at the park, make snow angels and build snowmen!


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  1. I really miss the snow from my childhood. Everything looks so clean and beautiful. But if that means getting out of the house by 6am – forget it! I’d stick with our Israeli sunshine.
    I guess because of the snow, the students must get up eary too, in order to get to the 8am classes. Must be a helluva effort concentrating in the morning..


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