Monthly Archives: December 2011

Surrounded by technology



…and a sleeping dog! I’m sitting in the comfy chair by the window laughing. I’m just incredibly amused by the contrast of all the tech and non-tech stuff surrounding me. I put my new Kindle Touch down…next to the MacBook…so I could type a blog post from my phone while trying not to disturb the sleeping dog or knock over a stack of “real” books as I get up to make some French press coffee.


…all the while being watched over by Voltaire.

On a slightly different note… I actually really like the Kindle e-reader (thanks mom!). After lugging around and reading three 1,000 page books one after another – two of them hardback- I was finally ready to give an ereader a try. It will take a little getting used to, but not bad so far. Checking out library books was a breeze, too.

Ok… Off to get my caffeine!