Monthly Archives: January 2012

Commuting and a funny story


Two quick thoughts tonight… A couple of times this week I’ve ended up talking about my daily commute. 45 minutes each way. Every weekday. Every year. People mostly express disbelief and then say they’re sorry for me. Honestly though, it isn’t that bad. Half the time, Dave and I drive in together. This gives us way more time to spend together. 45 minutes each way…no TV, no distractions…great time to talk. The commuting time is also great for “pepping up” for work or debriefing before I get home. It works for me! When we lived closer to work mornings always felt shocking. 45 minutes after my alarm went off I could be sitting at my desk!!

So…the funny story. I have these three little stitches on my arm that are really starting to itch. The come out in a few days…thankfully. This afternoon, I was joking with one of my students and instructed him to get after me if he saw me scratching my arm…where the stitches are. He quickly responded by letting me know he would be glad to go to the shop and make a “cone of shame” for my arm so i wouldn’t scratch it. Too funny! (Not a bad idea though…)