Monthly Archives: February 2012

I have neglected my blog!


I haven’t been meaning to neglect my blog…I really haven’t! I finally caught that silly cold going around at work and…well…just got too tired to do much of anything recently. (I’m better now!) I guess I kind of forgot about it, too!

One of the most exciting things to happen since my last post is that I’ve made huge advances in my knitting skills. I learned how to knit in the round using double pointed needles (dpns). I am no longer relegated to knitting only rectangles or squares. Yippee! What this means is that many of you will be receiving hats (or hat shaped objects) in the somewhat near future (i.e. next year or two…). So…here are photos of my first two hats! They are both baby hats. (The second photo is actually the first hat I made.)

I made this one in one night using super-bulky yarn and size 15 needles. So fun to make!! It should fit a 0-3 month old. I want one, too (a warm hat…not a 0-3 month old).


It’s a little pointy at the top. I think I can figure out how to fix that for next time. The general consensus is that it’s kind of a cute effect for a baby hat though! (BTW – the knitting website I go to would describe it as having a knipple at the top…a knitted nipple…get it!) And…to you know who – the recipients of said hat…I’ll pop it in the mail to you this week 😉

The hat below was done using sock-weight yarn and size 2.75mm needles!! Not sure why I attempted my first hat using such small needles! As one of my knitting friends said…it’s a little like trying to knit with toothpicks! It sure was fun though.


If you’re a knitter…both of the patterns came from I used videos from to help me figure out how to knit in the round.

Hmmm…now to figure out what to knit next!!