I am actually just freestylin’ this post. No set agenda or topic to write about!! It’s a beautiful day here – if you can disregard all of the pollen and the chilly wind. I’ve had my cup of coffee – even though I swore I wouldn’t touch caffeine or caffeine-like (i.e. Kirkland brand knock-off 5-hour energy shots) substances for quite some time. Seriously…who gives out 5-hour energy shots at 5:00pm (Costco!!!)! Well, granted, it was my lapse in good judgement that led to me drinking the knock-off 5-hour energy sample in the first place… It was a free sample. I couldn’t resist. Not much in the works for today. Laundry. Housework I didn’t get done yesterday. Getting my butt whipped in Words with Friends while simultaneously whipping the butts of some other friends, Indian food for dinner, race-reading the digital library books whose loan period is about to end, more laundry, second trip to the store to pick up stuff I forgot yesterday, etc. Did I mention laundry? Ah! Mr. C. appears to be awake now which means I’m going to go fix my “world famous” scrambled eggs for breakfast. I wish you all could join us! I’m going to leave you with a couple of random photos taken over the last couple of weeks. Until next time!!



I call this pic, “Checking out that new crepe place we found in old town Littleton that put too much salt on their potatoes”. Other than that…it really was good. I think it was called the Fat Frog Cafe?? I’d give them a second chance. It appears that they just remodeled and reopened so are probably still trying to get their act together.




I call this pic, “Heather and Max stare goofily out the window while D. takes their picture.”



I call this one, “Mr. Happy Paws” or “Timmy practicing his photobombing expression.”



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