March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012


One of the last books I read was One Day by David Nicholls. While I must admit I found the story a bit predictible…the concept really intrigued me. The story follows one set of friends and then recounts one day in their lives year by year by year. The exact same day. Today, being an anniversary of sorts, made me stop and reflect. This time last year I was in a blind panic trying to find the quickest flight possible to Phoenix. I had  no care in the world about how much it would cost (not an awful lot…it turned out…w00t! w00t!). I only cared about how quickly I could get there and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t be stuck with a minivan for a rental car. I vaguely remember packing my suitcase by dumping my laundry basket into it, slamming it shut and then just telling myself I would figure out how to get clean clothes later.

How much of a difference a year can make, no? Today was spent outside on an absolutely gorgeous Colorado spring day filled with laughter, good food and good company. While I did spend a bit of time reflecting on the past…thanking the powers that be for what ended up being an astoundingly difficult…yet miraculous year…I also did a lot of looking forward to the future!

So…enough dwelling on the past…here’s what I did today. (If I can remember, I’ll check in next year on March 25, 2012, too.)


Hellooooooo Mr. Giraffe! Nice to see you, too. Sorry you’re so camera shy…lol. (Giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo).


Dave talked me into feeding a giraffe a biscuit. It was super-fun! I can’t believe you can actually pet them and feed them. This guy would stick his tongue out in anticipation of a biscuit. He was also watching how many pieces I had left. He knew when I was out and moved right on to the next person. Ummm…kind of slimy experience though. Thank goodness for the hand sanitizer.


Cute little Red River Hogs!!! They kept digging and digging. A minute or two later they were all zonked out asleep in the little patch they had dug up.


Dave posing with the Spiny-tailed lizard. Too cute. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a ton of interactive activities for kids (grown ups, too).  You can: feed chickens, ride a pony, pose on ATV’s, hold lizards and snakes, take a skyride or tram to the top of the zoo, take a turn on a carousel, etc. (I said top of the zoo because it’s built up the side of Cheyenne Mountain! We walk to the top for the exercise but you can also ride to the top and then walk down.)


We’ve never seen the moose this close to the front of the enclosure before. Awesome. Beautiful! The only other time I ever saw a moose was right outside of Yellowstone.


Children’s play area – pic for J, K, M, A & A…and S, H &  S. I imagine many afternoons chasing four little boys around this place!


After Zoo dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Love to Mom, K, and J…you know why this was special. 🙂 Didn’t eat here exactly 1 year ago…close enough though. That “one day” anniversary falls during the work week.


Yeah…so…I ordered the wine flight with my lunch/dinner…was expecting three little “shots” of wine. This was a ton for a lightweight like me. I didn’t drink it all…don’t worry! Just a few sips of each… Felt so goofy with that thing sitting on the table!!

This year…I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to what next year may bring. I also know that…with such strong friends and family… we’ll all get though …no matter what! But, of course…this year is going to r.o.c.k, right!!  Love, h


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