Sick Days


I think this is the first time ever in my life that I’ve actually used all of my sick days. Years ago, someone at work gave me a report about how many hours of unused sick time I would have accrued  – had sick time accrued. It was a couple hundred hours way back then…can’t imagine what it would be up to now. No one major illness, just plenty of small, buggy days or days when I decided I didn’t want to get everyone else sick even though I was stubborn enough to trudge on through whatever needed to be done. Even I have come to realize that one may not do ones best work when one has the sniffles, a voice that sounds like a deranged chipmunk and a slight fever. I’m at the stage now where I’m feeling better and am a little stir-crazy, but my body still wants to sleep. Mind and body are at odds. Seeing as I just had breakfast and coffee, I decided to take advantage of this brief burst of between nap time energy and share some of the late summer pics that make me smile. Also…even if it is a blog post at least I’ll feel like I accomplished something today!

I love the Gibbons at the Zoo! They are getting braver and braver and venturing further from their home base. It’s been fun to see them explore their new surroundings.


Rooftop sculpture at the Metropolital Museum of Art. Tomas Saraceno’s Cloud City. I sat in the rooftop garden and did homework while Dave attended a conference. (The helpful WordPress recommended links feature want to link Cloud City to a reference about Star Wars…awesome, but wrong. I did it anyway. Here is a real link to the Artist’s info: Tomas Saraceno.


Dave running through the Met after his conference session ended for the day. At least I think this was the Met…for all I know this could be an old picture from the DAM that I jut found…


My homage to “I am Legend“. Waiting to meet my cousin for a Jazz Brunch.




It’s so dark in the background that you can’t tell we’re at Casa Bonita. For my birthday. Good cheesy fun!


Max and I napping in the car while Dave is at the Kansas City Art Museum. We made a quick stop there on the drive back to my dad and step-mom’s house for Thanksgiving.


View from the house my Mom and step-dad rented for Thanksgiving. So peaceful. I miss moisture.


What I would have worn for Halloween if we had dressed up for Halloween.


…and…the most gigantic bag of Gummy Bears I have ever seen in my life. Who needs this many gummy bears. No, we did not purchase the gigantoid bag of gummy bears…)


Wow…OK…tired….off for nap number two of the day and here’s to hoping I sound like a human when I wake up.


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