Holiday Roundup


Howdy folks! Time for a quick little roundup of Holiday’ish pics! I’ve really been enjoying the break from work and the break from homework the past few days. I haven’t done much of anything!!! Waking up at 6:00am and not being able to be in sweats all day will be a shock to my system later this week…that’s for sure. I’ll also have to break my addiction to the Brave Temple Run and the Disney Monsters, Inc. run iphone games!!!!  Well, actually, I am going to go run soon 😉 so I haven’t exactly been a complete couch potato. I actually woke up last Saturday at 6:00am, found a 10k race at 9:00 am and ran it. The race was called the Christmas Carol Classic and they had opera singers singing carols for you along the route.  I was slow as molasses…but I finished, and didn’t finish last. 😉 I think my official time was 1:16. I could see my 5k time as I finished the first loop…and actually shaved about a minute off of my 5k time since my last race. Yippee!!! I was number 526 or so out of 557’ish. Still, not bad for a spur of the moment type thing…especially for this asthmatic newbie runner. It was my first 10k…so lots of room for improvement.  (The run was a qualifying run for the Boulder Bolder, so there were a lot of serious runners there.) Definitely got lapped by the guy who won the race..he was speedy. (You did the same loop 2x).

OH! And one of the goofiest things to happen…I apparently won an Instagram contest…but didn’t see the message letting me know I won and they needed my contact info…until 5 months AFTER I won the contest. Bummer!!! I would have won tickets to a Matisyahu concert and a chance to meet him backstage, a signed copy of his newest CD and would have had my pic printed on canvas by the company sponsoring the contest. Oh…such a classic Heather move!!! To be honest though, it was really just pretty darn cool to know that one of my photos was a finalist in a contest. It was this one:


I hope you all had a wonderful…whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate…for me, Christmas! Wishing you all the very best in the New Year!


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