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Hey, It’s March 25 Again!


Once again, I think I’ll start by saying how amazed I am that I remembered to check in again this year! 3rd time is a charm, I guess. This is becoming a habit. Just to review – If you haven’t read any of my earlier posts, I set a goal to check in with myself each year on March 25 to celebrate and share the good things in life. I’m even OK if this is the only blog post I write all year!

Like last year,  March 25 fell on a work day. But, almost as much to my astonishment as to some of yours, it was a different workplace this year than last. Packing up and moving on from a place I had spent over 13 years of my life was a bit traumatic, but my new gig is pretty cool, too. I mean, really, how horrible is it when part of your job is listening to an awesome 20-year-old tenor sing aria’s, or hearing a Big Band recital is just part of the day? Riding the train to work is also pretty gosh darn awesome. audiobooks, iPhone, snazzy lunch bag…I’m becoming quite the saavy commuter!  It’s also this really great feeling to know that my “old” work family still keeps in touch, too. (mwah!) Strong bonds rule.  Looking back, I think some of the ways I’ve tried to look at life starting 3 years ago gave me the courage to try something different and take a chance. Who knew??

The weather today was sunny, but a bit brisk. Perfect for my evening run! Yep, still running. It’s been a tough year energy level-wise, but I’m proud of myself for having hit the pavement at least one time a week (most weeks…) and not giving up. (40 schmorty…40 is a pretty cool age to be a runner!) I’ve had great encouragement from all of you friends and family. You have no idea how much your cheering me on means to me. Really. You don’t. Giant hug to all!! I do want to take a minute to say “thank you” to all of you who have kept in touch, called and  emailed even when I haven’t been too great about staying in touch myself!

Going up the hill tonight was actually enjoyable. Running down the hill was pretty awesome too – running into the sunset, realizing how amazingly lucky I am and feeling loved…nothing better. Using the Charity Miles app helps me be able to give back and help other people, too. (For every mile you run $.25 are donated to a charity. Nifty!)

Then, when I got home… this happened:



I apparently became a magnet for all things cute and fuzzy living in my house! I think the pup’s sense that over the last year I’ve become a little calmer and less anxious (just a smidge.)  They have both turned into cuddle bunnies the last few weeks!  (Timmy is Ok..just allergic…like me…cone of shame keeps him from scratching too much until the allergy meds kick in!)



Ok. This is where I start to get a smidge sappy. Read my shirt. (It says “I do not believe in the wall) I know it’s a running shirt and in running, “The Wall” is your limit – physically and mentally. And, yes, while it’s true I hit the wall a lot when running, this shirt has a different meaning for me today. Late last year I hit the wall emotionally, physically and mentally (along with a few of you who are reading this, I think). If it hadn’t been for some things this guy


said to me three years ago’ish today, I’m not sure I would have come through the last few months with the strength to keep running even when my allergies and asthma were bad, the ability to look ahead when “the blues” invaded my life, the heart to not close myself off from the world, or the courage to let (a few) people know when I was struggling and not try to be the strong one all the time. I love you brother and thank you for helping me to see what a gift life is and helping me have the courage to go after some of my dreams. Your strength…and that of your lovely wife…is such an inspiration!! I wear this shirt to remind myself that, while obstacles in life can really, really stink and seem insurmountable, we’re strong enough to get through them now! AND… HAHA…this goofy pic (above) is payback for something I probably promised to get you back for when I was 13 (you wouldn’t know how…you wouldn’t know when…Today IS that day.)

Ok. So…emotional stuff over with. Here is a pic of Max to make you laugh. And…here’s to another year full of {whatever you need it to be full of} – family and friends are top on my list!