Team in Training Rocky Mountain – Getting Started

Team in Training Rocky Mountain – Getting Started

Post 1 about team in training! I set up my Fundraising page  a week or so ago, but am just now starting my blog. I’m running the Denver Rock n Roll half marathon with Team in Training in honor of my step-grandmother, Margaret- on my birthday, too! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Some of my posts will be about my training and others about my journey to learn more about Margaret’s life. The end goal is to raise money to fight blood cancers! 

I was a grown up when she came into my life and I didn’t have nearly enough time with her. Here we are at Christmas in about 1998 I think. What a classy pair, right! 


 One of my best memories is a road trip we took. I don’t remember the year, or the destination, but we probably drove to see the parents in Virginia. I learned a lot on that trip about how to properly position seat cushions and use clothes pins to properly secure a seatbelt for a tiny human passenger! Margaret was one of the only people I know who made me look tall! To put the above picture in perspective-I’m only 5’1″.  We also treated ourselves to some kind of special lunch deal at TGI Friday’s somewhere in the Midwest. It was way more food than we bargained for and I remember just laughing and laughing and laughing each time they brought us another plate. 

Margaret was also a great inspiration. Every morning she would do an exercise routine from TOPS and she even taught it to me. I didn’t keep up with it back then, but think of it often now when I’m feeling like being a slug and sitting on the couch. That memory of seeing her exercise – always with a big smile-helps encourage me to keep up with my training and reminds me to have fun! I think she would have liked that! 


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