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On this rainy, stormy day I thought it would be appropriate to share a couple of stories about Margaret and thunderstorms! 

From Penny:

Grandma Callie was afraid of storm of any kind. She instilled her fear in her three daughters, Nelda, Margaret and Mary Lou.

When our mother had children she was determined to overcome her own fear of storms so that her children would not be afraid. She told us lightning and thunder were like 4th of July fireworks. We believed her and to this day we all love a good storm.

Whenever Grandma Callie was visiting and it was storming, she would have a fit because we three kids would huddle under a blanket behind the swing on the porch to watch the lightning.

From Dave:

 When the three of us kids were relatively young, 7 or 8 for me, 28 or 29 for my mother we lived in a house that had a front porch. That summer we got a refrigerator box (maybe a refrigerator!). The box opened in the front. Being kids we took the box, turned the open side down, cut some small windows in the sides and considered it a house.

One day a big thunder storm was approaching fast. We told our mother we were going to watch the storm from inside the box. As it started to blow and rain, the end of the box came up and my mother crawled in. She wanted to see the storm too. My mother liked storms and passed that on to her kids.

Today I did my training miles on a treadmill…boo…no fun, but got ‘er done! I do not enjoy a good thunderstorm and, as I ran, thought about how much fun Margaret might have had teaching me to appreciate the thunder and lightening! 

As always, here’s a link to my Team in Training page and the page for the team I just joined  Read Melina’s story!! I’m still running in honor of Margaret-and am also honored to help this team meet their goal of raising $100,000! It’s a win-win. 

Ok. To wrap up- Here is a picture of a beautiful young Margaret along with Dave and Larry, I believe! I love it!!


First Training Run


I had my first Team in Training group training run today. I haven’t run in the morning in a while – so it was a bit more of a challenge than I was expecting. Getting my allergy medicines and asthma medicines and timing when to eat breakfast is going to be a big challenge! The picture this week is from me after the run. 

It was absolutely so wonderful and inspiring to meet all of the coaches and to meet my teammates. I also found several other “back of the pack-ers” who run at my pace.

When one of the captains was telling the story of loosing her 10 month old daughter I was fighting back tears. I don’t usually cry in public…but had some leaky eyes. For the 10th anniversary of her daughter’s passing, she is trying to raise $100,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society – and I am going to help! I’ll post more about that once I have been officially been added to that fundraising team. Because of this story, I also decided to become a bone marrow donor today by registering with Delete Blood Cancer. I’ve been scared to donate – but once I learned more about how it works, it didn’t seem so scary at all.

So – in case you’re curious – I’ll be doing these runs pretty much every weekend between now and October 18th. If I can raise $250 in my online account by June 27 (along with a couple of other things) I’ll get a little bonus donation from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. That’s kind of exciting! Here’s the link  to my fundraising page Margaret and Me.

Ok. To wrap up today I’m going to share one more story I’ve learned about Margaret. This one is from my step-dad, one of Margaret’s children, and I think it follows the last story nicely:

My mother was 18 when she married. She had her third child 2 weeks before her 22nd birthday.  So, she was young. 

When we were young my mother (Margaret) would take all of the pillows and blankets and pile them at one end of the living room. The living room ran the length of the house. With the pillows and blankets as a cushion we all, including my mother, would run and tumble. Some of us would lay on the floor and my mother would run and dive over them and do a barrel roll coming up standing. Fun times. One day during this routine a door-to-door salesman knocked on the door and when my mother went to the door, he asked for the woman of the house. At the time, I think it embarrassed her to be caught all hot and sweaty, but in later years she was proud to have been young at hart and body. She was that way till her death. 

I don’t have a picture to go with this story – but it’s so vivid I don’t think we need one! Every time I read this I can vividly picture the scene. So- during my training when the I get hot, tired, scared, and feel like I can’t do this – I’m going to remember this story and remember how Margaret laughed and tumbled and stayed young at heart!

Next time – I’ll share with you a couple of stories about the love of good thunderstorms!