Frowny Face with Treadmill

Frowny Face with Treadmill

Heather is not impressed with the air quality today…

Most days being a runner and having asthma ain’t no big thing. (It’s always a tiny bit of a thing…but one I can deal with…). Today is different. Boo. Frowny face. 

I think most people make the above face when they have to use a treadmill. I’m making it because I probably won’t be able to today!! It’s a bad air quality day because of smoke blowing in from the fires in Canada-and maybe California. I happen to be one of the “sensitive” people referred to in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” referenced in the air quality updates. Even running inside is likely to be nixed for today unless this thing


Give me a good reading, baby!

gives me a better reading! Go lungs, go!

The super sad, sad part is that today is the first track session with my team in training team and I’ll have to sit it out. Good news is…it’ll be there next week! Today is a bad day but that leaves tons of room for improvement , right?

So, quick fundraising update. I’m about $1400 away from my goal! I’m 11% to my goal! If you’d like to help out please feel free to donate here Alsi, as always, please share this with anyone you think might be interested in helping, too. Next post I’ll share some of the info I’ve been getting about Cancer research. Yea. Science!! 

Ok. And I’ve got one  funny thing to wrap up. You can’t quite see it…but behind my head in the picture of me is this awesome cross stitch hanging my mom made for me. It says “Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with.” I might need that reminder today! 


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