Risk-Free Sibling Rivalry

Risk-Free Sibling Rivalry

I am afraid of spiders. I took this pic while trying to photograph a giant spider on the ceiling. I didn’t realize that the camera was turned around.  


A few weeks ago I thought I saw a spider crawling up my bedroom curtain. I peered closer and. It. Jumped. At. Me. It jumped at me. (I swear I heard it yell yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaw). 


That last spike in heart rate…Yep…that’s when it made the jump. 

Last night, while I was sleeping, a klutzy spider lost his footing and plummeted from the ceiling, landing soundly on my head. Not. Good. 

During my fitful slumber, I came up with a fundraising  idea I think my brother -or any sibling- would approve of…

If I can raise an additional $350 in my Team in Training fundraising account for the Leukemia and Lyomphoma Society (in memory of my step-grandmother Margaret) by July 31, I will visit the Butterfly Pavillion and pet Rosie the tarantula.



 If I raise $500 more by August 9 I’ll visit the aviary at the zoo…where the birds fly free (gasp!!)  Tier three will be eating sushi. The raw stuff. 

If you were the good kid,  this is your chance to act out a little. Tease a “sibling” without fear of retaliation! No sibling, no problem-get in on the action. This your chance to experience first hand what it’s like to try to annoy  a brother or sister. If you want the full experience….throw in an extra 5 bucks over your originally planned donation and I’ll find some way to tease you back. You won’t know when, you won’t know how. Perhaps I will post a silly picture of you online, like this…


It’s up to you- Even if you’ve only got $5 bucks…do it. Don’t forget to see if your employer will match your donation. Help my brother ensure that his big sis has to go pet a tarantula, walk through an aviary and eat raw fish! And, while you’re at it, you know, help save a life by supporting cancer research. 

Donate here 


Donate now! 

Share this post! My brother wants you to. 


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