The Town of Altamont’s Generosity


I’m sending out some of my fundraising letters tonight and thinking of this:

Students Sacrifice Trip to Help Leukemia Victim

Community Unites to Save Youngster’s Life

The class of 1988 at my local high school growing up donated their senior trip money to help to a local boy desperate to get a bone marrow transplant. I remember feeling so proud when this happened- even though I was not a part of that class and I didn’t know him or his family. It was amazing, the whole town came together. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

When I first started this Team in Training adventure this memory wasn’t clear in my mind. It resurfaced a couple of weeks ago. I remembered his name and can almost remember a picture of him (maybe from the back of a yearbook?) I don’t think I will ever forget this story-it was probably in the back of my mind when I decided to be a bone marrow donor earlier this summer. I’m incredibly proud of my hometown and the people in it – and am feeling really homesick and nostalgic tonight….!


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