In the Kitchen Teaser

Stay tuned! This week I’m going to be in the kitchen with Margaret…kind of. I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s kitchen’s growing up, but didn’t ever cook with Margaret. Aunt Penny shared some recipes of hers that sound delicious! I planning on trying one of them out this weekend and will post the results. Hmmm…shall I try the paradise roll or the date nut roll or both??  (I vote both).

Also just a quick fundraising update! I’m planning a date to go to the Butterfly Pavilion to pet Rosie the Tarantula! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to what I’m now calling my “Be Brave” fundraising campaign. Fundraising is being brave. Asking for corporate sponsors is brave. Starting to push my self in running is being brave. Being social is being brave.

Rockies Beads

…and petting a tarantula is definitely being brave! I’ll decide on a date an post it soon in case anyone would like to join and witness this monumental feat of bravery on my part. (My inhaler will be on hand.)

All of this bravery from Team in Training is starting to spill over into other aspects of my life. Like this:

Mt. Sherman

I climbed a 14er and didn’t get winded at all. Yea asthma medicine and running training! w00t! w00t! Oh look…I just realized I was wearing purple. 🙂

I’m only about $100 away from my next “brave” event. If I  have $900 total in my fundraising account by 11:59pm on August 9, 2015 I’ll plan a trip to the aviary at the zoo and will walk amongst the birds. If you want to help me reach that goal, and I know you do, here’s a link to my fundraising page.

Margaret and Me

And…I’ll see if anyone is actually reading this…if I exceed my fundraising goal of $2000 I MIGHT ( begin to thinking about whether or not I want to) get a tattoo… Kind of along the lines of John Popper’s “I want to be brave” tattoo. Except not tattooed backwards on my chest. And yes…I am a big Blues Traveler fan! They’re so nice…. This was actually Day 1 of my “Be Brave” campaign, but I just didn’t realize it. More about that in another a later post…. but it involves me winning a Facebook contest a few years ago.

Red Rocks

It would have to be a  discrete tattoo though so I could work at Disney World in the future again if I ever want to…but you get the idea!

OK. Headed home. Long day. Headache and new prescription on my glasses = curling up with the puppies and watching a movie until I fall asleep….at, you know, 7:00pm or something.



In the Kitchen Teaser


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