I kind of suck at fundraising…help me, well, unsuck at it! 

I kind of suck at fundraising…help me, well, unsuck at it! 

I’m $900 short of my goal and have an Oct 6 deadline looming in front of me. Only you [clap, point in your general  direction] can help me unsuck!

Remember, it’s my name on the fundraising page, but these are the people you’re helping.

LLS Community Read these survivors advice to people newly diagnosed with blood cancer.
Even $10 can help! Here’s where your money goes

How much can a few dollars really help anyone?

-$10 helps researchers grow cells in a lab for a week, helping them better understand how well a new cancer therapy might work

-$70 helps ones patient participate in an LLS web education program featuring medical experts who provide the latest disease & treatment info

-$150 raised funds necessary lab supply supplies for 1 week

-$1,800 raised promotes LLS-funded patient and healthcare professional programs nationally

$2,000 raised funds an LLS research fellow’s studies for 2 weeks

-$5,000 raised funds 1 month of studying a patient undergoing new experimental therapy

-$25,000 raised funds 1 year of monitoring blood levels of patients in a clinical trial

There are lots of ways to participate, donate, help and  become someone’s hero.

  1. The standard monetary donation. Might I suggest $13.10? A dollar-ish for every mile I will run on raceday? I’ll make you a “I helped Heather unsuck at fundraising…and helped save a life” card if you pitch in at least that amount between now and Oct. 5.

My Fundraising Page

  1. Words of encouragement. I need lots of words of encouragement!
  2. Share my fundraising page That’s so simple. If it annoys your FB friends that you’re advocating to support life-saving cancer research and support for families and patients…baaa…who needs ’em!
  3. Come to a fundraising event. I’ve got two on tbe books and one being planned.

TNT Paints the Park on Seprember 19th. Register by September 4th so we can get everything ready for you!

Jamberry Online party- Starting September 13th. Watch for more info. PSSST….they have “runner girl” nail wraps!
Perfect for race day!
PS- Participating in Team in Training is one of the things I’m most proud to say I have done. The pic with this post is from my teammates fundraising event at Park Burger last night. I would go back every day for another burger and chocolate peanut butter milkshake!

Happy Friday everyone!


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