OH… For the Love of…there’s a spider crawling on my hand…. (aka the Day I met Rosie the Tarantula)

OH… For the Love of…there’s a spider crawling on my hand…. (aka the Day I met Rosie the Tarantula)

So….today was the day I faced a fear. I asked, you answered. I pledged to hold Rosie the Tarantula if I received a certain amount of donations by a certain date. Check out this blog post if you want to see how this all came to be –

Risk-Free Sibling Rivalry

You lovely people made it happen!  Ok. Without further ado…my journey to the Butterfly Pavilion to meet Rosie! (a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula).

Slightly nervous leaving the house.

Arriving at the Butterfly Pavilion

The moment we met . If you look closely you may notice my eyes were a little teary. Just a little. I didn’t full on cry, but it was pretty darn close. I took my inhaler before we left the house. The first part of the video is blurry – but stick with it. Sorry it is such a huge file…working on that.  Listen for Dave softly laughing in the background. He was awesome moral support! I was thinking I’d have time to work up courage to see Rosie after we entered the Butterfly Pavilion. Nope. Turned a corner and there she was! I’m glad she was right there at the start though.

Done and done!

It was quite a while before I took that sticker off!

The room Rosie is in has several other tarantulas.  Here’s the big’un. Involuntary reaction. That’s honestly how big I thought Rosie would be…but she wasn’t. There were walking stick insects and scorpions, too. Dave took about a thousand pictures. And if you know him, you know I’m not joking at all.

Still a little scary.

Happy to have moved on to sea creatures.

Although, I did decline to touch the starfish and the horseshoe crab. Hey…that wasn’t part of the deal 😉

Stick insects delicately holding on to branches.

Mr. Crab? Mrs. Crab?

I think the signs said there were 1200 butterflies in the tropical rainforest area. You can apparently go to yoga classes there sometimes, too. I wish I lived close enough for that! It was beautiful – even though I am a little creeped out by flying things. As you leave this area you have to go through a mirror-filled room to make sure you don’t have any little butterflies hitching a ride out of Dodge.

In the tropical rainforest.

Look at that giant butterfly?!?!?!?!


Really? I mean….really? Come on.. birds, too?


The things I do for Team in Training.

Next stop lunch!!

Guess where we ate?

Guess who won game one?

Guess who won game two?

Enjoying our staycation day.

Yes. Yes I am sitting in a child-sized chair.

OK guys, what’s my next adventure? Help decide? How about this…if I can raise $100 additional this week (ending at 11:59pm on 9/6/15) I’ll go through the aviary at the zoo. If I raise $500 total additional by 11:59pm on 9/6/15 I’ll do that AND go have a sushi lunch after – the raw stuff, too! That’ll be a fun video, right? I’m kind of betting that no one will actually read this…lol. I’m still on the fence…but will put it out there again that if I exceed my fundraising goal of $2000 I will think about getting a tattoo…a small, discrete, cover-up-able tattoo so I can work at Disney again some day if I want to. What’cha think about that? Any other scary things you guys would like to see me conquer? I’ll do it for donations!! No shame. September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month…so it’s a good time to challenge me!

Be on the lookout for posts about my other upcoming fundraisers – Thirty-one gifts online party starting any day, Jamberry online party starting Sept. 13, and my painting party on September 19th https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tnt-paints-the-park-tickets-18146492648 (Sign up by September 4 please?) I’ll update my Team in Training Fundraising site with info –

Here’s the link to my fundraising page!

My Magic Fundraising Portal – Help Save Lives Here

Thanks everyone for supporting and encouraging me along the way. It means a lot!!!! PS – don’t be scared of Rosie! She’s pretty awesome and was soft and light as a feather.

Stay-tuned! The next post is probably going to be about  G-Ma Ham (aka Margaret ) learning how to drive. i think I would have enjoyed telling her about my visit to see Rosie the Tarantula… We would have chatted about it sitting side-by-side in those kiddie chairs outside of Cracker Barrel!


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