September Roundup!!


So…I just realized I haven’t written one post yet this month!!! Too much training 😉 since I’m writing AND attempting to cook dinner, I’ll keep this short….
1) Football!  Getting donations and running through the stadium-all with teammates. We raised $550. Thank you Bronco’s fans!!! Oh…and right now…Come on guys!!! Win this game!!!!!


2) I’m getting overextended….but that’s ok. This one will be a nice walk! 


3) I’m getting excited about the Rock n Roll half! The course is out and this week for our long run we’re going to preview it. Excited!!!

4) I’m getting faster!! I may have uttered the phrase “I think maybe I could run a full!”

5) I’m about $450 from my fundraising goal! I never thought I could raise this much and feel so close to my minimum fundraising requirement! Thank you all for getting me this far!!! Here’s one reason why I’m spending all if my free time running and fundraising…

Team Melina in the news!
Ok. Dinner is done. Night ya’ll! 


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