Fundraising, the Pinterest edition (subtitle…Bronco’s fans are generous! 


I was honestly more terrified of the fundraising than the running. Although I was a little nervous about the running… That’s human. I’m happy to say that I officially met my fundraising minimum yesterday…on Mission day even! 

Today, a group of TNT’rs asked for donations at the Bronco’s game. We collectively raised $670! Isn’t that amazing!! Bronco’s fans..(and Viking’s fans) are extremely generous. I think Peyton Manning is a good influence on us all! 

I’m sad that today was the last official fundraising event for me this season. I went through a ton of emotions…and used a lot of mantras during my  training. Here are some of my favorites. They’ll give you a peek into my internal dialogue! These were all found on Pinterest. 

I do need to clarify that the quotes that have the “when no one thinks you can” kind of sentiment. Totally self talk. I had a harder time believing in myself than you all did! I never doubted the support of my family and friends! 

And finally…one of the funny running shirt quotes found goes something like. “My name is Heather, but most people call me On Your Left”. 


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