Mission Day and the Magic Number

Mission Day and the Magic Number

Today was Mission day and our longest training run before the race.  

Today, all of the metro area run/walk teams came together to train.  We have all shared so much these last months…and today we got to share a little more and reflect on the Team in Training mission

The TNT staff had us all take a purple ribbon and then find a partner. We told our partner our story, why we were running or  for whom. I got to talk about Gma Ham and in turn, was honored to learn about one of my teammates (Vickie) father-in-law, Doug. We wrote their names on pieces of ribbon and pinned them to our shirts for the run. Vickie is in the front row, second from the right. Thank you for sharing…and for the hugs… 

As I ran I thought about Margaret and Doug, about my friends (plural :/) whose mothers are fighting blood cancers, about my coworkers (plural) who have lost parents, my teammates who have lost family and friends, the little girl from back home who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant, and all of the researchers and medical professionals, and volunteers who are helping with this battle. I took a moment to honor those lost and celebrate those who are with us still! 


Team Melina guided us to the start and we spent the first mile running/walking in silence. 

I promise you I’m in that picture-behind Melina’s mom Desiree! 

Fast forward to mile 12! Feeling good. Running strong and cheered on those last few feet by Coach Jeff!!


Being goofy with teammates after the run…before food…while waiting to cheer people as they returned! 


Just to brag on myself…My last four half-marathons were at a 13:30 pace. Healthy + training + awesome coaches + great teammates + wonderful family and friends = goodness. 


And finally…it’s official…I have officially met my minimum fundraising goal! Still pushing on though…not quite at my personal goal and as they say in Team in Training…There is no finish line until there’s a cure!  Thank you again and again to all of my supporters!!! ($1800 was the magic number.)


Donations accepted here 

Margaret and Me


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