Snow Day Memories

Snow Day Memories

What better day to finally write this post? I was up and  at ’em before I found out about the delayed start at work. 

This post has been a long time coming….not out of forgetfulness. I just didn’t want this experience to be over and this post seems like an ending. And I don’t like endings… (I  now embrace the fact that  it’s just an ending for this particular experience, and that there will be more great ones to follow!) 

So-here are birthday/raceday photos!

I was so honored to run the Denver Rock n Roll half marathon on my birthday-with my TNT family and my step-dad! SD and I ran in memory of his mom, Margaret. My SD is one of the people who got me hooked on running, too. Super special day! Here we are picking up our bibs at the expo. It was as exciting as being at the Disney World gates! 


We both jumped on a treadmill and put in an easy mile to help raise a little more money for TNT. I don’t like treadmills…but this one was awesome!!!! 
Here is my jersey with all of the people/families I ran in memory or honor of. I felt very reverent pinning them on and took time to think about and pray for each family. Sadly, one person lost her battle with blood cancer not long after the race… I keep all of the ribbons where I can see them each day and think of these families still. 

I love this pic of my mom! She’s making race day signs for her and my Dave to hold! 

Sign #1 for Team Melina


Sign #2 for Dave to hold. (He said he loved cheering on all of the runners!!!!) 

Meeting up with an old friend-who also happens to be a TNT alumna! At the tent, before the race, everyone sang happy birthday to me. It was very special! 


In our throw away clothes in the corral. 


Mile 10’ish maybe? Dave and I got separated for a bit, but saw each other at the turnaround, so we knew where we each were. We made a quick plan to meet up to cross the finish together. Then, I saw some TNT ambassadors and had a great smile, hug and energy boost. Seeing all of those purple shirts on the course was very motivating! I can’t wait to cheer on other TNT runners myself someday! 



We did it!!!!! We crossed the finish together!!!


Mom and I at the Matisyahu concert. 


This is why I meant so much to have tepresent TNT and these families. 

…and Dave had these birthday flowers for me when I got home! He’s not on pictures because he took most of them! 

…the birthday dinner….I was spent physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to do it again! 

 Thank you, Team! ❤ you are all so very special to me!!! 

The rhythm of my life has turned into left and right and breathe and breathe. And left and right and breathe…Keep moving forward. 

I have been relentless, I have been brave, and will continue to be so. I am no longer the person I was before. 

What began as a nebulous fundraising idea, papery thin and fragile, transformed into my mantra. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave.  

 And thank you, Margaret, for being with me on this journey…



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