Go Big, Go Vegas and Go Team!


I made a big decision today….


I’m fundraising again for Team in Training. Which means I’m training  again. I’m raising more $$ again, too. $2500 is the goal this time! It’s a big one! 

 I’ll be doing the Las Vegas Rock n  Roll Half Marathon….oooor….maybe the full? I’m torn…you tell me which I should do? 

I was on the fence about doing this. Then, the Mr. and  I ended up at a breakfast place with Elvis dolls and a lounge with a shiny disco ball.  I also got some great nudges from my Fall 2015 team 😉  


So-I went from feeling like this about more fundraising and more training…

To feeling like this (see pic below) …kinda fierce. 


Looking forward to more long runs, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, kicking the blues to the curve and putting some miles on my shoes! The lifesaving, fundraising, helping families  and supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society feels good, too. 


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