Go Pollen! 


I’m getting my allergy tests redone. Yay…sigh. Not my favorite thing to go through. Beside the needles and the, you know, being injected with stuff I know I’m allergic to, I have to go off of my allergy meds. Nasal spray was the first to go. Wednesday I’ll start a week of no Claritin. 

Here’s how things looked a couple of years ago. I was allergic to just about everything they tested for…but coffee, pine trees and horses. 

I apologize in advance for my crappy behavior and upcoming sour attitude. I’ll make the best if it…but will whine, too. Last time, I would have chosen a root canal over no allergy med’s! 

So, while I could…I enjoyed some time outside in the pollen-filled air. Next weekend I’ll be curled up in pain on the couch swearing at everything and begging Dave to tell me where he hid the antihistamines! Like this, but without the smile…


This will be a good happy spot to go to in my mind palace. 

Until then…if you talk to me “May the odds be ever in your favor.” 


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