Spring. Comin’ at me like a ton of bricks…

Spring. Comin’ at me like a ton of bricks…

 This is my happy face. For real. 

I’m on day 5 without any allergy meds. I used to average 15,000 steps a day. Yesterday I managed about 1200. Whoooooaaaah. I just need to make it to Wednesday and my allergy tests!! Welcome to my pity party….

My ears ring, my head hurts, my sinuses whistle and I can feel my heartbeat in my scalp! My chest and neck look like a red, itchy,  rorschach test. (I see used Kleenex….) I made my husband hide the Claritin and I’ve figured out I would last about three days in the zombie apocalypse without it. Then…I’d throw myself in front of a zombie horde. 

This is how Timmy and I have spent the weekend: 

I’ve received this meme quite a few times too. 

…and even though it hurts to laugh. It made me laugh. A lot. An awful lot. Right now, laughter IS my only medicine! 

In this pain induced haze in which I currently exist, I’ve decided to see if I can make one fundraising  goal come to fruition. This year my theme is  Go Big! So… I want to see if I can get a gift to my team in training fundraising effort from a stranger! Crowd sourcing, philanthropy, pay it forward kind of thing. If that happens, I’ll make a small donation to the Asthma and Allergy Association of America. ’cause it’s allergy season, the theme of this blog post is allergies, I can’t run for Team in Training if my allergies are out of control,  etc. etc. etc. 

So…here is a link to my FUNdraising page

(PS…I need to update my page to reflect I’m training for the FULL marathon now. Take that, Asthma!!!!) 


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