It wasn’t  a nightmare! 


Part of my therapy is going to be talking about my dreams. I was ever so thrilled (read that dripping with sarcasm) when my therapist asked if I’d been remembering more dreams after starting the antidepressant. This lead me to believe I should be remembering more dreams…My dreams have historically been amazingly scary! This was not good news. 

So, here’s the deal…and I’m not sure what to make if it. I AM remembering more dreams. But for the most part, they aren’t scary! They are golden. They are funny and they’ve been cracking me up! Unfortunately, most of the details dissipate into a gossamer mist soon after my eyes open. I’m left with only a vague memory of laughter or accomplishment. 

Last night was different -I remembered! In the dream, Von Miller and I were on some kind of reality show team. (I wonder where my brain got that idea??) We won a prize of some sort.  In the dream, He taught me archery (?!?),  convinced me to get a tattoo of an arrow, and in this dream, he funded my team in training fundraising season. Hahahaha….here’s the link 😉

The funny, to me, part is that I only know  a few things about Von – he  is apparently pretty good at football and he’s on Dancing with the Stars. To be honest-the first thing I think of, though, when I hear his name in the media is Von’s Vision. What a great mission and what a great inspiration. Since this is my “Go Big” year….I want to be in a position someday when I can give so much back to my community! 

Ok. The funniest dream I’ve ever had is still the one about saving myself from a squadron of flying, twinkling, vampire turkeys by folding my laundry….


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