Monthly Archives: July 2016


Me: Ooooooh no! We’re out of milk. I could have gotten some at the store last night! 

Dear Husband: I know…I didn’t realize that either. It’s alright. 

Me:[said very forcefully like a 2 year old objecting to something] It is NOT alright. It is NOT (stamps foot). 

Then we both erupted in fits of laughter. My happy moment for the morning. I’m drinking my coffee black today people! Whoa….I’m a grownup!  


Morning Coffee


I started a beauty blog…no really, I did! 


Here’s the deal, though. You want to see it, I really know you do! If you’re resourceful, you might be able to find it on your own. But remember, I’m also fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You wanna see the Beauty blog you gotta pay up (I mean help fight cancer, support research and let patients and families know you’ve got their back!) 

Here’s the link to my “let’s kick cancers butt together” fundraising site:

Help Fight Cancer Here

Totally the face of a beauty blogger, right! And seriously, how many of you have ever really seen me in a lot of makeup?!? 

If I can raise $500 in additional funds in my account by the end of the month I’ll publish the blog link. If not…well…not gonna happen!  

I know not everyone can donate. That’s ok! Just share my fundraising page, help me get the word out and send me some words of encouragement! Or-if you have an idea for a fundraiser, own a business that could donate gifts in kind or help host an event-that works too. (I’ll love you forever!) 

My goal is to raise $2500 and I’m about $2100 away right now….eeeek!