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Spring. Comin’ at me like a ton of bricks…

Spring. Comin’ at me like a ton of bricks…

 This is my happy face. For real. 

I’m on day 5 without any allergy meds. I used to average 15,000 steps a day. Yesterday I managed about 1200. Whoooooaaaah. I just need to make it to Wednesday and my allergy tests!! Welcome to my pity party….

My ears ring, my head hurts, my sinuses whistle and I can feel my heartbeat in my scalp! My chest and neck look like a red, itchy,  rorschach test. (I see used Kleenex….) I made my husband hide the Claritin and I’ve figured out I would last about three days in the zombie apocalypse without it. Then…I’d throw myself in front of a zombie horde. 

This is how Timmy and I have spent the weekend: 

I’ve received this meme quite a few times too. 

…and even though it hurts to laugh. It made me laugh. A lot. An awful lot. Right now, laughter IS my only medicine! 

In this pain induced haze in which I currently exist, I’ve decided to see if I can make one fundraising  goal come to fruition. This year my theme is  Go Big! So… I want to see if I can get a gift to my team in training fundraising effort from a stranger! Crowd sourcing, philanthropy, pay it forward kind of thing. If that happens, I’ll make a small donation to the Asthma and Allergy Association of America. ’cause it’s allergy season, the theme of this blog post is allergies, I can’t run for Team in Training if my allergies are out of control,  etc. etc. etc. 

So…here is a link to my FUNdraising page
(PS…I need to update my page to reflect I’m training for the FULL marathon now. Take that, Asthma!!!!) 


Frowny Face with Treadmill

Frowny Face with Treadmill

Heather is not impressed with the air quality today…

Most days being a runner and having asthma ain’t no big thing. (It’s always a tiny bit of a thing…but one I can deal with…). Today is different. Boo. Frowny face. 

I think most people make the above face when they have to use a treadmill. I’m making it because I probably won’t be able to today!! It’s a bad air quality day because of smoke blowing in from the fires in Canada-and maybe California. I happen to be one of the “sensitive” people referred to in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” referenced in the air quality updates. Even running inside is likely to be nixed for today unless this thing


Give me a good reading, baby!

gives me a better reading! Go lungs, go!

The super sad, sad part is that today is the first track session with my team in training team and I’ll have to sit it out. Good news is…it’ll be there next week! Today is a bad day but that leaves tons of room for improvement , right?

So, quick fundraising update. I’m about $1400 away from my goal! I’m 11% to my goal! If you’d like to help out please feel free to donate here Alsi, as always, please share this with anyone you think might be interested in helping, too. Next post I’ll share some of the info I’ve been getting about Cancer research. Yea. Science!! 

Ok. And I’ve got one  funny thing to wrap up. You can’t quite see it…but behind my head in the picture of me is this awesome cross stitch hanging my mom made for me. It says “Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with.” I might need that reminder today! 

Fundraising 101


I’m collecting my change for Team in Training Every little bit helps…who needs caffeine anyway? Any guesses on how much change (in a dollar amount) it will take to fill my tea pot? I’ll think up a prize for the person who guesses the closest once my fundraising ends! 

I’m way more nervous about the fundraising than I am about the running. This will be my fifth half marathon, but is my first big fundraising experience. I’ve had my fundraising coaching call, but haven’t met my team yet….well, I guess I should say that I haven’t met all of my team! It turns out that one of my coworkers is a team in training alumni…and will be on my training team for the Fall season! What a neat coincidence!!! 

Visit to help me fill my teapot and help ou a great cause. I’m guessing something like $2.00 down…$1798 to go! 

I’ve also got some more great stories in the queue….should have some posted this weekend! 

Team in Training Rocky Mountain – Getting Started

Team in Training Rocky Mountain – Getting Started

Post 1 about team in training! I set up my Fundraising page  a week or so ago, but am just now starting my blog. I’m running the Denver Rock n Roll half marathon with Team in Training in honor of my step-grandmother, Margaret- on my birthday, too! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Some of my posts will be about my training and others about my journey to learn more about Margaret’s life. The end goal is to raise money to fight blood cancers! 

I was a grown up when she came into my life and I didn’t have nearly enough time with her. Here we are at Christmas in about 1998 I think. What a classy pair, right! 


 One of my best memories is a road trip we took. I don’t remember the year, or the destination, but we probably drove to see the parents in Virginia. I learned a lot on that trip about how to properly position seat cushions and use clothes pins to properly secure a seatbelt for a tiny human passenger! Margaret was one of the only people I know who made me look tall! To put the above picture in perspective-I’m only 5’1″.  We also treated ourselves to some kind of special lunch deal at TGI Friday’s somewhere in the Midwest. It was way more food than we bargained for and I remember just laughing and laughing and laughing each time they brought us another plate. 

Margaret was also a great inspiration. Every morning she would do an exercise routine from TOPS and she even taught it to me. I didn’t keep up with it back then, but think of it often now when I’m feeling like being a slug and sitting on the couch. That memory of seeing her exercise – always with a big smile-helps encourage me to keep up with my training and reminds me to have fun! I think she would have liked that! 

Hello March 25!

Hello March 25!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today or not. I’ve chosen today as my own personal new year – a time to reflect and look back on the year past, and to look forward to the year ahead. I reset today. This year seemed harder to write about. It was full of loss in almost every aspect of my life…even down little things in life like the types of comfort food I can(‘t) eat. And, it’s not just me. So many of my friends and family have experienced crushing loss this year. I’ve fallen prey this year to dwelling on the negative and it’s been harder to look on the bright side. But then, I forced myself to write. I started by looking through photos and I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked through my picture archive to choose what to post. I realized just how lucky I am and how thankful I am for my family and friends and how glad I am for these moments of happiness!  (I focused more on pics of D and I because I wasn’t sure how some of you would feel to have your pics published online!! Don’t worry…they make me smile, too.)

How could I not post? I mean, that’s one of the reasons I started this yearly blog post…. as a way to remind myself what really matters and to pledge to myself and my friends and family that I’m going to live life to the fullest. Even when it feels like a long, uphill hike to do so…  Here’s the thing – I expect you will, too. We’ll do this together! And, to some of you reading this who have also had kind of cruddy years…don’t give up hope. Stay strong…really…fight. Things may seem so bleak right now but don’t give up! Don’t you dare!

So, four years ago I was packing for an emergency trip out of state and scared to the core…as were a few of you reading this. Three years ago I was at the zoo and fed a giraffe. Two years ago I worked went on a run and watched the Hobbit. Last year I worked and went on a run. This year I worked, it snowed and I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and snuggled with the dogs while D was at a painting class. Each year I’ve gained confidence, made positive changes, become healthier, opened up a teeny-tiny bit more when I was feeling down, and  honored my pledge to someone to try to live life to the fullest and not always be the strong one. I was listening… So….(wipes tear from eye) My pledge to you this year is to open up more, talk more, share more and be there more – to be a bit more courageous. Hold me to it! I guess I started by actually writing and posting this…

My year in pictures: