Monthly Archives: April 2012

Easter Eggs


It has literally been at least a decade since Dave or I have actually decorated Easter Eggs! Many thanks to the K  family and friends for getting us back into practice! 🙂 You can see a couple of my eggs in the pic below…but the rest are Dave’s! I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The individual egg shots are all D’s.




Just a sampling of some of our creative endeavors. (Mine are the ones hidden in the back of the carton…lol.)


Who knew you could use crayons on eggs?? We do, now.



Oh…my absolute favorite. This one cracks me up every time…


And the profile shot… I didn’t include a pick of the back…but it was pretty detailed, too…



Hello sunshine!!



And finally…ya’ll remember that Dave likes Dinosaurs, right? (Sorry for the bad cropping job on this picture…too tired to go back and fix it.)


Whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover…have a joyous celebration and enjoy time with your friends and family!