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National Brain Tumor Society Walk #2 in the books!

National Brain Tumor Society Walk #2 in the books!

Yesterday was the National Brain Tumor Society‘s annual walk around Sloan’s lake in Denver! Luckily, the weather in the morning was wonderful. The afternoon…however…not so much. By that time, though, the walk was over and we were all safely back home. I do feel pretty sorry for all of the artists that were at the Chalk Art festival downtown though 😦  My team this year almost doubled in size – as did the contributions we raised. We were just shy of raising $500! Isn’t that amazing! The pic below shows the names of some of the people I walked for. There were also many more whose names I don’t know – but that I kept in my thoughts: the lady at the bank, the uncle of a student, the sister of a student, the father of a student, the assistant of one of our donors, etc. I hope to do the walk again next year, too!


Here we are crossing the finish line! They had bells and people cheering you on, people taking pics, etc. I didn’t start taking pictures really until almost at the end of the walk :/ I’ just get too involved in whatever it is I’m doing and forget to get some shots!!


Here is team JK after the walk! The wee little ones were pretty tired but did a great, great job!


Me and M chillin’ in the car on the drive back home. He wanted to hold my hand on the drive. He was amazed by all of the tress – and even pointed out a “pickle” tree to me. I think it was maybe an Elm…but from now on it shall be known as a pickle tree!


…this has nothing to do with the walk…but I had the pic and wanted to throw it into a blog post anyway! For breakfast today I had leftover ham and green onion Quiche from a Clean Eating magazine article. It was wonderful! The June issue has some amazingly yummy and easy to prepare recipes. Since I’m running again…thanks to the Zombies, run! app I need to fuel up so I can outrun the zombie hordes later today 🙂


Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!