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Why yes, our SUV has been off-road :)


To the silly people that got me hooked on Pinterest…


Holy Serotonin Imbalance!


Boy Howdy…am I hungry today! I’m in this funky pre-migraine aura stage. I know the ick is coming – but sure do enjoy the being hungry part of things! Well…not the hungry part, I guess. I enjoy the eating so I am no longer hungry part. Yes, I know…not a particularly happy subject on the face of things. But – it won’t be that bad because, while they are bad headaches, they are only mild migraines. AND,  I feel like I have an excuse to have IHOP Summer Berry crepes for dinner, darn it! Out of all the pre-migraine warning signs one could have – craving sweets isn’t that bad.

So….I thought this was the perfect night to do The Happy Book’s dream dinner activity! Here I am deep in thought….

haha...look at Timmy!

And here’s my guest list/seating chart:

Darth is the only one I'm worried about...

  • Victor Hugo – I mean, really… who wouldn’t want to have dinner with Victor? I’m just curious about a guy who could write such serious stuff. Did he ever crack a joke?
  • Julia Child (has to sit next to Victor so she can translate). Hmmm…I should probably invite Paul, too. I’ll need more chairs. I so enjoyed her autobiography and think she’d be the life of the party!
  • Miss Haney – My second grade teacher/piano teacher. I’d like to apologize for throwing fits about having to do piano practice. (Yes mom…you read that correctly.)
  • Dave – of course!
  • Darth Vader – the good Darth not the eeeviiill one. Dave requested that he be wearing his helmet though.
  • Mrs. Bueloh – my childhood babysitter. I only remember stories of her and would like to “meet” her again.
  • Mr. Higgerson – *sniff* Miss him a ton. I’ll have to arm wrestle him for the bill, I’m sure. (He was our neighbor from the time I was 5 (?) until he passed away when I was in college.)

Don’t fret friends and family! You’re all at the party too…just at the nearby tables! Didn’t have room to list ya’ll. Max and Timmy and all of the other assorted furry creatures are running around as well.

Here’s a pic from a meal I fixed for the fam Christmas 2010!

Rosemary, Bourbon glazed pork roast

Now…the good stuff. What to serve for my imaginary dinner:

  • Tea, coffee, water, wine and maybe chocolate milk. (’cause it’s yummy and I think Mr. Higgerson liked it…or always bought it for me).
  • Bread on the table  – like any true Midwesterner would have!
  • Radishes with butter (because Julia likes butter!)
  • Spring mix salad with herbs and a variety of homemade dressing along with heirloom tomato, red onion and blue cheese salad.
  • For the main course and sides: Beef Bourguignon (sorry Julia…I’m gonna make you work!) with boiled potatoes, buttered green peas and braised onions.
  • And dessert – Chocolate Pot de Creme, assorted ice creams and sorbet, maybe some port or ice wine, more coffee and fresh fruit.
  • A variety of flavors and strengths of Tums, Rolaids, etc.

I’m in heaven just thinking about a meal like this! Watch my new Pinterest boards (ahem…maybe tomorrow though…not tonight…My Pinterest name is Heatherlu). I think I’ll look up some centerpiece and table setting ideas and post them there.

Night all and happy dreams! Share with me your ideas of the perfect meal and your dream guest list! Or…if you’re not that into cooking…what would your playlist be? I think I’d have to have some Blues Traveler, John Popper and the Duskray Troubadors, Edith Piaf and Bob Seger. (It is an eclectic group…)

PS…I’d also invite Winne-the-Pooh and serve him honey.