Monthly Archives: February 2016

TMI Post



I went on a run today. I’re all thinking “big deal” right? I mean, come on, this Fall my only posts were about running and fundraising. Well…it actually was a huge deal!! I haven’t laced up the sneakers and headed out since around Christmas. Major depression will do that to ya. 

Not running was the final sign that I was in over my head with this. I’m no stranger to depression and anxiety. Even so, it was surprisingly hard to know I needed help. How do you know you’ve stopped doing things you enjoy when you aren’t really sure what you enjoy anymore. 

Enter running…I love it. I love that I love it and I know that I love it. I now “get” that depression screening question. So…1 month into trying some med’s and two days pre-therapy…I ran. Getting back on my feet!  It was ugly…it was glorious! 

So-I guess the sentiment “If you see something, Say something!”applies here, too. A couple of my BFF’s told me they were worried and kept checking on me even if/when I didn’t call back. My family, too! That and running…and the love and support of my husband, family and friends…what better love to have on Valentine’s  day!